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STAGE I (Pre Sale)
What2donow conducts a revision of the operative and administrative processes (P2P, B2C, B2B, etc.) in conjunction with the future contracted business to determine their needs. It is determined what the requirements will be to propose an effective solution to the company’s needs and whether it is viable for What2donow to realize them.
STAGE II (Proposal)

What2donow conducts an analysis of the data extracted from the Pre-sale. A team of professionals is assigned to the project and presents their offer.

STAGE III (Approval and Implementation)

What2donow receives approval from the client and begins to develop the planning and programming for the project.

We carry out a detailed adjustment of activities (Gantt) to provide a panorama of all the planning for the project. Development is initiated.

STAGE IV (Development | Advancement | Installment)

In each of the stages of development, What2donow will deliver detailed status updates regarding advancements on the responsibilities of both the client and What2donow. We will operate under this method until the delivery of the final product.

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